Campaign Issues

As a result of my talking and listening tour over the past several months, I’ve discovered a number of issues that are most often mentioned. I’ve separated those issues into four (4) distinct categories: Management, Community Relations, Diversity, and Governance. After reviewing these issues I’d like for you to check out the tab ‘What I will do’ for my solutions.



Many residents feel that the growth Pooler is experiencing is happening too fast, and they are concerned that not enough greenspaces are being adequately preserved. There’s also a sense that City government is not very discerning in its decision regarding the zoning of commercial and industrial plots and variances seem to be easily obtained.

Community Relations

We need new leadership with a fresh perspective. We have Council members who have been on the Council for 20 years!

The community would also like to see a stronger and more active partnership between the local schools and City government. What is needed by our local schools that the City can provide to give our children a better educational experience?


The current City Council is not representative of the community it serves. Pooler has a wonderful diverse community, but the current City Council does not reflect that diversity, leaving some communities feeling that their concerns are not heard or not given the scrutiny they deserve. We can and we need to correct this imbalance.


There are neighborhoods  who also feel their voices and concerns are not being represented on the current Council. By adopting voting Districts, we could provide representation for all the significant communities in Pooler (e.g. Godley Station, Hunt Club, Savannah Quarters, Old Pooler, etc.).

Term limits would eliminate career politicians and will enable greater citizen participation. Staggered elections would insure continuity in City government.

What are your concerns?

I’d like for you to think about the following questions and send me your thoughts.


  1. What issue feels most important to you right now?
  2. What change would you like to see in this community?
  3. When I’m elected, how can I best serve you?